Through the Regional Booking Platform (RBP), Bulgartransgaz performs:

  • Capacity allocation at all interconnection points and domestic points;
  • Congestion management procedures;
  • Secondary market services;
  • Information exchange, reporting and publishing information related to the capacity allocation.


At RBP the following capacity allocation procedures are carried out:

  • At the interconnection points – auction procedures (ascending clock auctions, uniform price auction) for standard products for firm and interruptible capacity - yearly, quarterly, monthly, daily and within-day products;
  • At the domestic points – pro-rata procedures for firm capacity - yearly, quarterly, monthly, daily and within-day products.


We would like to point out to the network users that should be interested in bundled or unbundled products on the Greek side of IP Kulata/Sidirokastro, that it is necessary for them to conclude an additional agreement with RBP due to specific requirements of the operator DESFA. In this relation, during the registration on RBP, it is necessary to indicate "DESFA S.A". As a result, a Greece-specific NUMA will be provided by RBP.