Bulgartransgaz EAD is a combined operator performing licensed activities of natural gas transmission and storage. The company pursues transparent and responsible behaviour policy and aims at ensuring secure conditions and sustainable development of the natural gas market in the country and the region in compliance with the principles of equality and transparency. As part of the common European gas network Bulgartransgaz EAD is guided by the requirements of the Third Energy Liberalisation Package, the European and the Bulgarian legislation.

The Company is an owner and operator of:

  • Gas transmission infrastructure for natural gas transmission to natural gas distribution companies and industrial consumers on the territory of Bulgaria and to the neighboring countries Romania, Turkey, Greece, North Macedonia and Serbia;
  • Underground gas storage in Chiren (Chiren UGS) with major function – natural gas storage for covering the seasonal fluctuations in consumption and delivery of natural gas.

The Company is a holder of the following licenses, issued by the Regulatory authority Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC):

  • For natural gas transmission - LicensesЛ-214-06 and Л-214-09 from 29.11.2006;
  • For natural gas storage - License Л-214-10 from 29.11.2006.

The basic requirements for these activities are regulated by the Energy Act and the regulations harmonized with the European legislation in that field.

Bulgartransgaz EAD is a subsidiary of Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD.

Bulgartransgaz EAD is certified as an Independent gas transmission operator.


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