Bulgartransgaz’ gas infrastructure consists of gas transmission network and an underground gas storage facility Chiren (Chiren UGS), connected to it.

The gas transmission network provides natural gas transport to users in the country, as well as to the neighbouring countries Greece, Romania, Turkey, Serbia and North Macedonia. The gas transmission infrastructure comprises 3276 km gas pipelines and gas pipeline branches; ten compressor stations – CS Kardam 1, CS Kardam-2, CS Valchi Dol, CS Polski Senovets, CS Rasovo, CS Provadia, CS Lozenets, CS Strandzha, CS Ihtiman and CS Petrich, with approximate total installed capacity of 355 МW; gas metering and gas pressure regulating stations; electrochemical protection system, pigging facilities, communication system, information system and other auxiliary facilities.

The Underground Gas Storage Chiren has 24 exploitation wells and a compressor station of approximately 10 МW total installed capacity. The present storage capacity can provide storage of up to 5813500 MWh/d natural gas. The withdrawal and injection capacity, depending on the formation pressures and other factors, is between 5285 MWh/d up to 40377 MWh/d (0.5 to 3.82 mcm/d at 10.57 MWh/1000 m3) for withdrawal and 5285 MWh/d up to 3824 MWh/d (0.5 to 3.2 mcm/d at 10.57 MWh/1000 m3) for injection. In an emergency situation, the maximum withdrawal capacity is up to 49679 MWh/d (4.7 mcm/d at 10.57 MWh/1000 m3) in case of full gas storage facility and for a short time period (maximum 30 days).


Information on the technical, contracted and available capacity at the relevant points of Bulgartransgaz’ transmission system could be found HERE

Description of Bulgartransgaz's gas transmission system

Catalogue of codes and names of entry/exit points

Information on the contracted and available capacity of UGS Chiren, on the inflows and outflows can be found HERE