Bulgartransgaz EAD mission is to provide natural gas transmission according to the interests of the state and society, to ensure secure conditions and gas market sustainable development in the country and the region, to actively support the liberalization process in the spirit of the common European energy policy.

The mission of the combined national gas operator follows both the national energy legislation, and by European standards and the Third Energy Liberalisation Package.


The vision for Bulgartransgaz EAD development is related to the Company recognition as a modern and nationally responsible gas transmission operator, actively working to maintain and expand reliable gas infrastructure on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, with a key role in the development of the projects of regional importance in the sector and with significant contribution to achievement of the objectives for creating a single, common European, free and competitive gas market.

The vision is also related to the environmentally sound development of all projects and activities, as well as the social and economic stability of the regions where the Company operates.

It is also related to achievement of the Company key objectives.


With regard to its duties and responsibilities, Bulgartransgaz EAD defined the following strategic objectives based on the notion of a modern, efficient and liberalized gas market:

  • Ensuring the security and reliability of the gas transmission system and the Underground Gas Storage (UGS) Chiren;
  • Reliable and efficient operation of the gas transmission system under the conditions of a liberalized gas market;
  • Providing alternative routes and entry cross-border points enabling natural gas supply from various sources to consumers in the country;
  • Construction of new gas branches for gasification of new regions and natural gas consumers;
  • Optimization of the activities, business processes, rules and procedures for providing easily accessible and quality services to its customers.