Action № 6.8.3-0013-BG-W-M-20 “PCI 6.8.3 Gas Interconnection Bulgaria-Serbia (IBS) - Construction works” 

Action № 6.8.3-0013-BG-W-M-20 “PCI 6.8.3 Gas Interconnection Bulgaria-Serbia (IBS) - Construction works” has been approved for funding by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) following an application for a CEF call – 2020 CEF Energy Call.

 The Action contributes to the implementation of PCI 6.8.3 Gas Interconnection Bulgaria-Serbia [currently known as IBS], which aims at the construction of a gas pipeline, ensuring bi-directional interconnection of the gas transmission networks of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Serbia.

The total length of the interconnection pipeline is approximately 170 km from the town of Novi Iskar, Republic of Bulgaria to the city of Niš, Republic of Serbia, 62 km of which are located on Bulgarian territory.

The project completion will enable diversification of gas routes, system interconnectivity, secure access to natural gas and it will ensure gas supply along the interconnection route.


The main objective of the current Action is to build and commission the Bulgarian section of Gas Interconnection Bulgaria-Serbia.

The total length of IBS on Bulgarian territory is approximately 62 km, from the town of Novi Iskar, Republic of Bulgaria, to the Bulgarian-Serbian border. The new gas pipeline, which is envisaged to be built of steel pipe, will have an approximate diameter of 711 mm and 5.4 MP design pressure.

Besides the gas pipeline network, the Action entails the construction of technological facilities, such as pigging facilities (PF), valve assemblies (VA), two automated gas-regulating stations (AGRS) at Slivnitsa and Dragoman as well as a gas metering station (GMS) at Kalotina. Following its construction, the gas interconnection will have an estimated throughput capacity of 1.8 bcm/y with a reverse flow capability.

Expected results: As a result of the Action’s implementation, a new 62 km gas pipeline and technological facilities thereto will be built and commissioned, increasing the security and diversification of gas supplies and routes and the interconnectivity of the gas transmission system in the Republic of Bulgaria.


Main Activities:

Activity 1: Designer’s supervision, archaeological monitoring and construction supervision

Activity 2: Detailed design, procurement, construction and commissioning of the gas pipeline and the technological facilities

Activity 3: Action management


Project total value: € 76 674 469.

Total amount of the grant: € 27 602 809.

Start: 01 October 2020 / End: 29 December 2023


IBS Current status:

  • Grant agreement signed with INEA for Action 6.8.3-0013-BG-W-M-20;
  • Awarded contract for construction supervision;
  • Awarded contract for detailed design, deliveries, construction and commissioning of IBS;
  • Awarded contract for the archaeological monitoring during construction;
  • Awarded contract for designer’s supervision;
  • Preparatory activities for the start of construction.

Additional information:

Information on the public procurements for the project activities is available in the Section Buyer's Profile on Bulgartransgaz EAD website.

The IBS has the support of the European Commission, which included the project in all currently approved lists of projects of common interest (PCIs) for the EC.

IBS is a priority project for the Central and South Eastern Europe Gas Connectivity (CESEC) regional initiative as well.

Further project information is available here.