To whom it may concern,

We hereby inform you that Bulgartransgaz EAD intends to launch auctions on the RBP capacity booking platform for monthly firm capacity product in both directions for June 2023. The transmission capacity will be offered initially for one month only (June 2023), as a test pilot period and with conditions for its implementation included.

Capacity will be offered at RBP auctions at IP Strandzha/Malkoclar in direction towards Bulgaria for June 2023 in the amount of 63,200 MWh/d and in direction towards Turkey for June 2023 in the amount of 32,000 MWh/d, corresponding to the booking offers from the Turkish side.

The terms and conditions related to the use of the capacity are included in the auctions announced, considering the absence, at the moment, of a signed interoperability agreement between the neighbouring operators at this point, which would introduce uniform procedures for allocation of the measured quantities, for acceptance of nominations and re-nominations, data exchange, etc., which procedures would be applied simultaneously at both sides of the point.

The terms and conditions shall be specified in the description of the monthly capacity product when offered at the RBP and shall include:

   - minimum pressure of 50 bar provided by the Turkish gas transmission operator BOTAS for transmission capacity towards Bulgaria;

   - nominations for transmission of quantities in both directions shall be confirmed and fulfilled upon confirmation of the Turkish gas transmission operator BOTAS, up to the amount of the confirmed quantities;

   - the allocation of the measured quantities between the users shall be made on the basis of the allocation made by the upstream gas transmission operator BOTAS and, in the absence of such an allocation pro rata to the quantities nominated. If an agreement is reached between the TSOs to keep a provisional Operational Balancing Account (OBA), the “allocated equal to nominated” method shall be applied;

   - availability of daily information on measured quantities at GMS Malkoclar provided by the upstream operator.

If you need more information on the auctions please contact us at: