Bulgartransgaz EAD, together with the neighbouring operators DESFA S.A. and Transgaz S.A., published for public consultation joint project proposals for capacity increase at the interconnection points Kulata/Sidirokastro and Negru Voda 1/Kardam.

The joint project between Bulgartransgaz EAD and DESFA S.A. for capacity increase at IP Kulata/Sidirokastro in Greece-Bulgaria direction considers two options. The first one will provide an incremental capacity of 35.4 GWh/d and the indicative value of the investment implementation, including design, procurement and construction, is approximately EUR 108.7 million. The second option considered provides for an incremental capacity of 104.4 GWh/d, and the indicative value including design, procurement and construction is approximately EUR 293.4 million. The joint project with Transgaz S.A. for capacity increase at IP Negru Voda/Kardam in Bulgaria-Romania direction will provide 137.2 GWh/d of incremental capacity. The indicative value for realisation of this investment, including design, procurement and construction, is approximately EUR 198.93 million. These indicative values do not include the future costs of the ancillary activities required for the implementation of the projects.

“These project proposals confirm the commitment of Bulgartransgaz and the other gas transmission operators participating in the Vertical Corridor initiative to provide all the necessary conditions to transport additional quantities of natural gas from south to north. The implementation of the initiative will enhance diversification and security of gas supplies, as well as it will boost competition on the natural gas market in the region,” said Vladimir Malinov, Executive Director of the Bulgarian gas transmission operator. “The aim of simultaneously publishing the documentation of these strategic projects by the TSOs along the Vertical Corridor route is to provide transparency and security for market participants,” he added.

Bulgartransgaz is among the initiators of the idea for a sustainable expansion of the gas transmission infrastructure in the region and for creating a capacity for bi-directional gas transmission from south to north in connection with the growing demand for quantities from new, reliable sources, including LNG sources from the US, the Caspian region and other alternative sources from existing and newly built terminals. 

Taking into account the interest expressed in the route and in order to keep it price competitive and to accelerate the implementation of the projects, the Vertical Corridor TSOs are considering the possibility to secure financial support from the countries and the EU.

In line with the European legislation, the public consultation will continue until the end of February 2024.