Eastring-Bulgaria is a subproject of Eastring, part of the Ten-Year Network Development Plan of ENTSOG.

Eastring is a project for the construction of a transport corridor through the territories of Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria providing an opportunity for bi-directional supplies of natural gas from alternative sources. The project is considered for construction between IP Veľké Kapušany (existing interconnection point between the Ukrainian and the Slovak gas transmission networks) and an IP with an external border of the EU on the Bulgarian territory as the project combines construction of a new gas infrastructure and/or an optimization of the existing infrastructure in the countries along the route.

In line with the Eastring concept, developed at this stage and incorporated in the Community-wide Ten-Year Network Development Plan of ENTSOG (TYNDP), the project is envisaged to be developed jointly by the transmission system operators of Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The project is shown in the TYNDP as a cluster of the following projects: Eastring –Bulgaria, Eastring –Romania, Eastring –Hungary, Eastring –Slovakia.

Within the project different route options are taken into consideration. Eastring is planned to be executed at two stages, the first one to be commissioned in 2019 ensuring a capacity of 570 GWh/d, and the second one to reach in 2023 a capacity of 1140 GWh/d.

Bulgartransgaz EAD is a company responsible for the realization of the Bulgarian section of Eastring. At Stage 1 of the project’s development (capacity of 570 GWh/d) on the Bulgarian territory a new gas pipeline DN 1400 is to be constructed with 257 km length from the new entry/exit point on the Bulgarian - Romanian border to a new entry/exit point at an external EU border on the Bulgarian territory, as well as a construction of a new compressor stations with 88-90MW capacity. At Stage 2 of the project’s development (capacity of 1140 GWh/d) construction of additional 374 MW new compressor stations is planned. The project also is supposed to connect Eastring with Bulgartransgaz EAD’s networks with an entry/exit capacity of 200 GWh/d.

The Eastring project will contribute to improving the security of supply in the region of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, securing access to alternative sources of natural gas and is an important step in the process of forming the single European energy market. More information on the project and the partners thereto is available at



A Memorandum of understanding was signed between Bulgartransgaz EAD and "еustream"a.s. in June 2016 during the 14th Annual Conference of Gas Infrastructure Europe held in Sofia and hosted by Bulgartransgaz EAD. According to the memorandum both countries shall cooperate in analyzing the prospects for developing the gas markets and thus determining the expected capacity demand from the Eastring gas pipeline.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Energy and the Slovakian Ministry of Economy jointly signed a Memorandum of understanding on project Eastring in July 2016 in Bratislava. The document shows that both countries support the project in accordance with EU laws. Through the document both countries acknowledge the need to coordinate their efforts in order to implement the project. The countries will cooperate and exchange information regarding Eastring.

In November 2016 in Bulgaria, a Memorandum of understanding on the coordinated development and realization of the Balkan Gas Hub project in line with Eastring was signed between Bulgartransgaz EAD and "еustream"a.s. The document expresses the will of the two parties to strengthen their cooperation to further coordinate the development of the Balkan Gas Hub project and Eastring.

On Eustream initiative, being the coordinated party in the process, in September 2016 joint discussions between the other participants in the Eastring project started with the aim to prepare documents for applying for a Feasibility Study of the Eastring Project during the second Call for project proposals for 2016 under the Connecting Europe Facility - CEF Call 2016 – 2. Bulgartransgaz EAD expressed its commitment by providing the necessary expertise in the process of the joint preparation of the required application forms and later by finalizing the documentation and submitting a letter of support where they consent that Eustream should apply for funding for a Feasibility Study for the Eastring Project during CEF call 2016 – 2.

The results of the second Call for proposals were announced in February, 2017 and Action Feasibility Study for the Eastring Project, was included in the projects list approved by the Coordination Committee. A grant to the amount of EUR 1 000 000 will be awarded.



  • Discussions and consultations with the public concerned in line with the legal provisions in force in the Republic of Bulgaria in the field of design and environmental protection, such as the Spatial Development Act, the Environmental Protection Act and other legal acts applicable to the specific phase of the project.
  • Market tests.



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