“The commercial interest in the conducted non-binding phase of the market test for interconnection points along the Vertical Corridor is extremely high. The interest for the points Kulata/Sidirokastro and Kardam/Negru Voda is even twice as high as the currently existing capacities. This is a clear sign that the trend of increasing demand for south-north gas transmission along the Vertical Gas Corridor will continue”, said Vladimir Malinov, Executive Director of Bulgartransgaz EAD during the workshop held in Thessaloniki between Bulgartransgaz, DESFA, IGB, FGSZ, Transgaz, Eustream and Gastrade.

In his words, there is a need to increase the capacity along the Vertical Gas Corridor to meet the growing flows. “We plan to expand the infrastructure so as to increase the capacity of the IP Kulata/Sidirokastro and Kardam/Negru Voda, after carrying out the necessary procedures in accordance with EU legislation. This is in synergy with the capacity increase of IP Stara Zagora. These projects are planned to be ready for the future low carbon transition - they could be used for hydrogen and low carbon gases.

The TSOs agreed to set up a joint working group by 15 September. The Group will cooperate to accelerate the conduct of the binding market test phases for the capacity expansion projects along the Vertical Corridor route. The scope of the capacity expansion projects and their timing will be refined in coordination between the operators. Their implementation will ensure the gas supply of Europe and the wider region of our part of Europe, from a variety of sources.

Within the framework of the event, Vladimir Malinov met with the Minister of Energy of Moldova, Mr. Victor Parlicov. The two discussed the necessary actions to ensure the technical possibility for transmission of sufficient quantities of natural gas to Moldova in order to guarantee the security of supplies to the country.